My name is Benny Ling, and this is my personal blog.

Gosh, that sounds so… wanky. Doesn’t it? You almost read it in a fashion that exudes sheer wankiness — like I’m the most important person in the world, or something. Funny thing is, I can write other bios just fine, but can’t seem to write my own…

In any case; my name is Benny Ling, and this is my personal blog.

I’m a pretty massive technology enthusiast, and sometimes I even write about said technology here. Other times, I post funny pictures of cats, though-provoking pieces on various social aspects, and basically anything else that tickles my fancy. Games, the world we live in, that kind of thing.

As for what I do, well, I’m currently looking for work — I’m not really sure what, but something Apple/Mac related would be great. Other than that, I used to write for a little site called MacTalk, as well as a similar site called NZMac.

These days, I’m one of the two guys behind AppleTalk Australia, a news and discussion platform for Apple enthusiasts in Australia. I publish daily news posts about the wonderful world of Apple, and occasionally highlight longer think-pieces from the Apple blogosphere that I think are worth your time and attention.

I haven’t programmed anything substantial, haven’t slain any dragons, or gained any sort of internet fame — no, I’m just a guy who knows a lot about nothing and nothing about a lot.

You can read more about this little blog here, but that’s about it from me.

Last modified: Thursday, 26th April 2018