Apple’s “Billion App” Countdown Clock, It’s Fake

App Countdown

Seems that the featured counter actually ties to no tangible data and is increasing numbers at a calculated pace.

According to the algorithm that Apple is using for the fake counter, the billionth App would be sold sometime on the 20th at 4:57am.

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Yeah – I thought so.

In any case, who cares about the clock when the implementation iself is nothing short of brilliant? It uses a single image to generate all of the numbers – and that includes the “animation”, and all without [gay, ugly, slow, bloated, cpu-intensive, etc] flash!

Kudos, Apple!

iTweetReply – Your @replies, emailed.

iTR will automatically send you an email every time somebody “@” replies or mentions you on twitter. Its goal is to make sure you get instant notification when somebody is trying to talk to you or about you on twitter. It’s a great easy & simple system so signup today.

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This is actually awesome – not only does it email you whenever someone mentions your name on Twitter, but you can also reply to tweets by email, as well! ZOMG!

Thanks to @matthewlesh for this one.

The World’s Inventory Of Lulz

The world’s inventory of lols, according to Google.

No matches were found for 100 lolols, effectively disproving the existence of the loololol. The internet contains 2,050,000 lulz. At no point is equilolbrium reached.

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CamExtractor from rickyprograms

CamExtractor is a new application that could replace worthily the Image Capture software from Apple, at least as regards the importation of images from digital cameras or memory cards.
The program was written by Ricky D’Amelio (rickyprograms) is simple to use: just connect the device to your Mac and launch CamExtractor, which will initially import the images in the folder Documents / Images CamExtractor, then offer the choice to send them to iPhoto, to the Finder or both, and a window with very friendly (classic flow Automator) offer several options for renaming the files, allowing us to subsequently obtain a photographic archive orderly, less anonymous and quickly accessible.
The program, free and light, is available for download from the appropriate page of the site developer, who has also published a Videocast which explains the simple operation.

Translated version of

Yay for rickyprograms.

IMHO, there should be more Aussie Mac developers out there making great apps like Ricky. On ya, mate! :)

11 Ways to Lose Friends and Followers Online

You and ‘SuperJenn’ were once pretty good friends, online. But one day you logged in and noticed that she’d axed you from her friends list. Shocked at first, you thought it must be some kind of accident. But after a few moments of soul searching… you realize that you probably over-engaged in one of the 11 behavioral triggers that can cause people to drop friends online.

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The funny thing is, I’ve done pretty much all of these things – either on Twitter or on FaceBook.

Oh well. *shrugs*