PSE TAC-15, Tactical Assault Crossbow


TAC-15 ‘Tactical Assault Crossbow’, the sort of crossbow designed for when aliens invade from another dimension. It actually replaces the upper receiver from an AR-15 so you can swap between assault rifle and crossbow with a little tinkering. The payoff is at the end when they sell you that it comes with a picatinny rail system. For, you know, when you need a grenade launcher on your crossbow.

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Wait – a Tactical Assault Crossbow?

Tactical. Assault. Crossbow. Oh man – I’m so there!!

DearCupertino: Wanna buy me?

So, if you’d like to buy it (Blog, Domain, Concept), it is for sale. I’d like to see it bought by someone like Engadget or Gizmodo, so they could turn the blog into what it should be. The blog has several hundred regular readers and even more RSS subscribers.

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It’ll be sad to see Dear Cupertino go, but hey – it’s been a blast.

Unbelievable Things That Are Actually Real

Everything Pizza

The “Everything We Could Find” Pizza

This seems to be a Photoshop with some Japanese text thrown on, to mock a culture whose major export seems to be insanity. But the product is real and oh by the way, it’s from Pizza Hut.

It’s the Double Roll Pizza and comes with a pigs-in-blankets crust. The only thing it’s missing is some pork rinds. Maybe sprinkle some tiny cans of beer on there.

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The Bertone Mantide

Bertone Mantide

The Bertone Mantide, what Kaneda would drive – Boing Boing Gadgets.

Concept car or not – that’s hot, and I. Want. One.

English Russia » Connected


That’s the way to stay connected even when you stuck in the traffic jam in Moscow downtown. There is always some free wifi network around, just, for better coverage, you gotta leave your car a while.

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A Fun Fact!

Fun fact: in the old days of Macs, when the faster 68020 processor came on the market, it was put in the new Mac II. When the the 68030 processor was later introduced, Apple dictated that an “X” be added to the end of the model number. So the Mac II became the 68030 Mac IIx. Well, that naming scheme worked fine until Apple decided to upgrade the SE to a 68030. I guess Apple didn’t want to try and explain the Macintosh SEx.

via weaselsnake: The Mac SE/30: Adored by Spies and Psychopathic Geniuses Alike!.

How To Nail An Interview

What is it that certain people say or do during a job interview that makes them stand out? Why do some people struggle to find work, while others land a job in no time? I wanted to know, and the only way to find out was to experience the interview from the other side of the table. If I could be the one asking the interview questions, not answering, I could see first hand what made candidates stand out. I could then take that knowledge and cater my behavior in any future interview to give myself the best chance of getting hired.

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