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iPhone 3G S Specs Revealed

T-Mobile.nl has posted some technical specs about the iPhone 3G S revealing that the newest iPhone carries a 600 MHz processor and 256MB of RAM. A nice bump in processor power from the iPhone 3G.

The iPhone 3G had a 412mhz processor while the iPod Touch had a 532mhz processor, until now, the 2nd generation iPod Touch was the fastest device by a good margin on the lineup but the iPhone 3G S has changed that. […] The processor/ram information seems to confirm many details that were first revealed in a Chinese forum post.

The new iPhone is also believed to use the new PowerVR SGX graphics processing unit which provides support for OpenGL ES 2.0. This notably improved performance may require developers to support these multiple device capabilities within their apps.

via iPhone 3G S Specs Revealed | iPhone-Hacks.com.

The new iPhone 3GS – Fast. Faster. Faster. So fast. 🙂

The Curious Case Of The Noisypoppy…

Intriguing indeed.

These things all seem to start with Twitter, don’t they? In this case, this tweet pointed me to a link – which promptly 404’d on me. “Address Not Found”, said Firefox.

Hmm. I thought nothing of it until this morning, when yet another tweet came in. I tried the link contained within again, and, surprise surprise, another 404, with exactly the same error message. Now, I was curious. Why was I getting 404s? I tried the excellent website DownForEveryoneOrJustMe.com, and even that said noisypoppy.net was down.

As a preliminary step, I tried it on my iPhone over the 3G network. Funnily enough, it loaded fine there – however, still no joy on iPhone or Mac via Wi-Fi. To me, this said something about DNS.

Next, I tried the good old proxy way: proxy.org, and then any one from the list – lo and behold, noisypoppy.net actually worked. I was able to browse and interact with the website in a normal way – via proxy.

By this time I was convinced it was something to do with DNS. So off to OpenDNS.org – where I then plugged in the requisite IPs into my Mac’s DNS entires (after the Internode ones on my router). I try and load up noisypoppy, and what do you know, it works perfectly. Curiouser and curiouser…

I managed to subscribe to the RSS feed (so I don’t have to go and manually check the website), but now when I go and try and read any of the articles from NetNewsWire, it still manages to 404 on me.. 🙁

Why won’t things just work? And here I was, thinking the internet was downright infallible… 🙁

If you think you’ve got a solution for me to try (or think I’ve missed something), shout out in comments.

LiveFire from ngmoco: the Quake 3 engine lives on the iPhone

“The two most important things in a FPS title are framerate and control—if you don’t have those, you’re going to be fu**ed,” Neil Young tells me. He’s playing LiveFire in front of me, the first-person title that gave the company so much buzz at Apple’s SDK event. It’s just as impressive in person, with a great framerate and controls that look solid… although no one will let me actually play. “We’ll get this running faster,” Young says, unsatisfied with even this impressive demonstration.

… “This is actually the Quake 3 engine. We completely rewrote the renderer, and we completely rewrote the control system and the animation system. We started from that baseline and then we’ve went from there.”

Let that sink in: the Quake 3 engine is running—very well—on the iPhone.

via LiveFire from ngmoco: the Quake 3 engine lives on the iPhone – Ars Technica.

iPhone. Quake 3 engine. Need I say more?

I love ngmoco:). Damn great apps – keep up the good work, guys!