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Left 4 Dead 2 hands-on 4 you

Significant improvements have been made to level design, utilizing the expertise of Portal designer Kim Swift. Some levels will have sections that have changing layouts. Faliszek mentioned a graveyard that would be different for every playthrough, for example. The AI Director can make the path through the graveyard longer or shorter depending on how well the Survivors are doing. Another level begins in total daylight, but darkens as a storm rolls in. The storm reduces visibility to nearly nothing, making it hard to spot zombies and, worse, teammates (their outlines won’t appear in the fog). Faliszek compared it to the cornfield in L4D’s “Blood Harvest.”

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November can’t come fast enough – that being said, I wanted iPhone OS 3.0 back whenever it was announced, and that’s almost here… πŸ™‚

Left 4 Dead 2? There goes productivity.


This same gore is achievable with all the weapons, with new ragdoll deaths for the throngs, to make their entrail-spilling, armpit-dribbling, face-exploding ways all the more entertaining. There were many gasps and cries of β€œOH GOOD GRIEF!” as we played, the strings of guts slopping wildly into the air, or as mentioned above, the faceless leaking mess suddenly bursting like a blood-filled balloon as the Infected fell to the floor. It’s awesome.


Another very smart change is to prevent sneaky players from trying to sit out the triggered events. In those moments in L4D where you had to press a button that began a frantic attack until an elevator arrived, or a door opened, it seems too many were crouching in a corner together and waiting for it to all die down. L4D2 has plans to prevent such treachery. Now some of the events you start can only be stopped by reaching a further target. In an extremely tense sequence, we had to make our way through a labyrinth of alarmed cars to reach a distant point that would finally see the attack fade. Trying desperately to avoid hitting any of the cars, and thus making the situation far worse, while having to make constant forward progress, amped things up significantly.

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Incendiary ammo, chainsaws, frying pans, new Infected, campaigns that happen in BROAD DAYLIGHT, fire-proof Infected in Hazmat suits, Wandering Witches, OH MY!


Dammit, now I’ll REALLY have to buy a new computer. Or at least, and upgrade. =/

I can’t wait. For more info in the coming days, hit up the L4D blog.

Left 4 Dead DLC news coming “shortly” to PC, 360

Left 4 Dead was easily one of the most exciting PC releases of the year and has kept most of us blasting zombies with friends well through the holidays. But as good as the stock game is, some Team Fortress 2-style downloadable content will surely make it better, and Valve has revealed that the first batch of Left 4 Dead DLC will be revealed “shortly.”

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Any L4D news is good news.

Downloadable content, however, is even better news.

If you haven’t figured it out already, Left 4 Dead is a really, really, good game.

Co-Op is awesome, and Versus is fun as well.

I’m one of those gamers who doesn’t like killing their friends in video games, so Co-Op is always something that I’ve enjoyed. For me, it feels like I’m a part of a team, heading towards a common goal.

The first time I came across co-op was in back in the days when I had a GameCube. Man those things were awesome. Anyway, Dave and I rented out Conflict:Desert Storm for a weekend, and we were hooked.

It’s no surprise that he ended up getting it for his original Xbox.

…and thus, my love for Co-Op gameplay was born.

Your guide to moving unseen in Left 4 Dead

When you’re playing the versus mode in Left 4 Dead, the zombie’s ability to see the outline of your character through the walls gives them a huge advantage while planning their attacks. There are some things you can do to make that outline disappear so you can move in secret, but what those things are have been subject to debate online. Finally, someone on the Steam forum has outlined exactly what you can and can’t do if you want to remain unseen.

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I really, really need a computer that can handle this game!!

ARGH!! Not being able to play this game is driving me mad… πŸ™

75 Must Have Games for the Holidays

Reviews Editor Tae K. Kim says: “Taking the survival horror genre to new heights, Left4Dead is an adrenaline fueled kick to the sensory organs. Cast as one of four survivors who are under siege by an undead horde, you must shoot, run and survive. What elevates the game to greatness is the fantastic multiplayer component. You can go online and play with friends in a cooperative mode-four players all acting as a team to survive the zombie onslaught-or play deathmatch where you can cast yourself as one the undead masses to take down survivors controlled by other human players. It’s an insane amount of fun and definitely deserves a spot in every PC gamers’ library.”

via Feature : 75 Must Have Games for the Holidays [Domestic] – Page 4- from GamePro.com.

Left 4 Dead, huh?

I have it, but if only I had a computer that could handle it… πŸ™