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Ad Blocking Is Not Killing Any Sites

Claiming that ad blocking is harming sites is like the recording industry claiming that piracy (or home taping) is killing music. Or it’s like the newspaper industry claiming that aggregators are killing them. It’s passing the blame. If you run a company, it’s your responsibility to put together a business model that works. And if people are somehow figuring out ways to do what they want where you don’t get paid, then it means you’re doing something that needs to change. A good business model is one where everyone is happy with the transaction, not one where one party feels forced or coerced into accepting something they don’t want.

via Don’t Blame Your Community: Ad Blocking Is Not Killing Any Sites | Techdirt.

Ars Technica, in a somewhat unprecedented, left-field move, recently said that ad blocking was harming the sites that you love. I was this close to turning off my adblocker (or at least whitelisting Ars) for my primary browser, but you know what – this paragraph sums it up nicely.