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University publishes 15 words we <3 to hate for 2009

Just in time for the new year, Lake Superior State University has delivered on its decades-old tradition of publishing a “List of Words Banished from the Queen’s English for Mis-Use, Over-Use and General Uselessness.” The annual, jocular list began in 1976, with words and phrases like “meaningful” (which lost all of its meaningfulness at the time) and “call for resignation” as a publicity stunt to promote the university’s existence. Since then it has grown into a crowdsourced list of the latest clichés to have been birthed from pop culture, and even text speech made this list of words we “<3” to hate for 2009.

via University publishes 15 words we <3 to hate for 2009.

Some examples:

go green
carbon footprint
game changer
wall street
main street

As usual, hit up the read link for more. I’m actually surprised that rick roll isn’t on that list…

New Year’s (Apple) wishes from the Infinite Loop staff

Chris Foresman:


And Apple, please just make a smaller version of the Mac Pro—no need to call it xMac. I’m guessing two HD bays, an optical drive, a Core2 Duo, a couple PCI slots, and a respectable graphics card ought to do. Put it in a mini-Mac Pro tower case, and sell it for less than a thousand dollars. This last wish comes not out of any particular need for myself, but just so I can stop hearing about it in comments on Every. Single. IL. Post.”

via New Year’s (Apple) wishes from the Infinite Loop staff.



C’mon, Apple. Make it happen already. I’d buy one in a heartbeat.

Aussie government’s own report trashes ‘Net filtering

Australia’s hugely controversial ISP filtering plan received a lump of Christmas coal in its stocking with the release this week of a new report that points out the many difficulties with such a scheme. The current government’s response is to make clear that the report was commissioned by the previous government—which apparently makes it a bit suspect. A live trial of the filtering system has been delayed into January, but it is still going ahead.

via Aussie government’s own report trashes ‘Net filtering.

Senator Conroy – let’s just get this over with and dump this already.

Stop wasting our money, and focus on something that really matters – FTTN FTW!

Your guide to moving unseen in Left 4 Dead

When you’re playing the versus mode in Left 4 Dead, the zombie’s ability to see the outline of your character through the walls gives them a huge advantage while planning their attacks. There are some things you can do to make that outline disappear so you can move in secret, but what those things are have been subject to debate online. Finally, someone on the Steam forum has outlined exactly what you can and can’t do if you want to remain unseen.

via Your guide to moving unseen in Left 4 Dead.

I really, really need a computer that can handle this game!!

ARGH!! Not being able to play this game is driving me mad… 🙁