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Blogger ethics: proper attribution > accountability

Overall, these results suggest that bloggers do expect a degree of ethical behavior from the community at large, and they practice (or at least they believe they practice) ethical behavior at an even higher rate. There are a number of ways to reconcile this with the poor reception that the proposed formal code of behavior received. It’s possible that the loudest voices on the issue came from a minority within the blogging community, or their were objections to the specific aspects of this code. But the results of the survey suggest that people won’t necessarily demand that the rest of the community adheres to the standards they set for themselves.

via Blogger ethics: proper attribution > accountability – Ars Technica.

Accountability? What’s that? Screw accountability, I say.

Now attribution – THAT’S important. In Uni you learn that plagiarism is bad – to this end, linking back to where you found the original story is seen as proper ethics.

As I’ve always said – credit where credit is due, gentlemen.

The finer points of finding free images

Free—it’s my favourite* word. It’s probably the most popular word found in advertising to get you to buy something. But has free ever really meant free? The catch is usually that you have to buy something in order to get something else free. Or maybe you have to agree to give up your personal information, forever dooming you to junk mail, to get that free hotel stay in Vegas.

via The finer points of finding free images | Creative Notes | Macworld.

As a blogger, I’m constantly on the look out for free images that I can use in posts, to show other people, or just cause they’re free.

Sure, places like iStockPhoto.com are great – but really, it’s the internet. You can probably find most of those images for free somewhere else anyway.

For those of you after icons (for programs, etc) look no further than ICONLook (again, pun fully intended).

* edited to prevent Australian spelling shenanigans. Damn US blogs… 😛

The Worst Thing You Can Say To A Blogger

…is that “no one ever reads your blog”.

Ouch. What a scathing comment.

Blogs are these magical places where the author can put whatever he/she wants, whenever he/she wants. Content is purely the discretion of the blogger, and if it’s a personal blog (like this one is), then the content is usually what the blogger deems “cool”.

Anyways, just thought you should know that the worst thing you can ever say to a blogger is that no one ever reads their blog.