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aXon Ube|2gasm LANs are AWESOME!

Long story short: My week this week consisted of a trip up to Devonport to stay at Rob’s place.

On Saturday, we went to the aXon Ube|2gasm LAN – a LAN party of epic proportions.

Some highlights:

  • Martin W’s computer wouldn’t start. That thing seriously has issues. I managed to get it started by holding down the power button after it crashed, and then starting it normally again. This wasn’t tried before – and none of the other solutions worked. Mind you, this was after we had been at the LAN for 4+ hours – and only about 3 hours before we left. Notable quote: “I’d pay just so I could leech.”
  • Martin P also had computer troubles – his computer managed to BSOD on him not once, twice, but thrice. CS: Source also wouldn’t open in Steam for him – so he managed to get an aXon version which worked perfectly. Notable quote: “I’m giving up.” (After a particularly vicious L4D session).
  • James G will never live down the fact that he had over 300GB of files queued for download in DC++, a file-sharing utility. 300GB! Notable quote: “But it was downloading stuff I didn’t want it to!” – Yeah, right. Anyways, he was the man who forgot any sleeping gear of any kind, as well as bring no monitor. But really – he did try to download 300GB with only 190GB total HDD space…
  • Rob K was kind enough to lend us his computer while he was away, as well as his internet, hot water, toilet, house, cat, vast media collection, etc. He’s a top bloke. He enjoyed playing some particularly quirky games at the LAN – Savage, COD4, as well as CS:S. However, his computer did manage to chuck the BSOD – twice, but not while he was using it. Alas, it was the 300GB James G…
  • Benny L didn’t use the computer he brought up. Instead, he used Klutz’s machine – which was more than capable for CS:S and L4D. Huge thumbs up to Klutz for trusting us with his computer. I also managed to bring down more gear than I brought up – care of a 20″ BenQ monitor I bought in Launceston from a fellow MacTalker. It’s quite awesome. Notable quote: “It’s harder than it looks!” (Epic Lego Star Wars on the 360), and “<3 flashbangs” (while NoSpoon was getting pwned in the CS:S tourney).

It was unfortunate that the NoSpoon clan got pwned in the CS:S tourney at aXon -we got really, really pwned. It was embarrassing.

Anyway, Rob will have photos up soonish – so I’ll just link him here: www.jawapro.com