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Technology, eh?

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

Here’s a story about what I spent doing the night after my first exam for semester 2, 2009.

Borderlands was was preloading on Steam with the Left 4 Dead 2 demo , Stargate Universe S01E05 was downloading in glorious 720p, and my intertubes were a little clogged. With nothing else to do (study was postponed until Monday), some NCIS (the original) was in order. Unfortunately, this didn’t satisfy my geek curiousitys as much as I wanted it to – while it was certainly enjoyable, I needed something else.

Problem number one: on my Mac, I use a Fluid-based SSB (Single Site Browser) tied into Google Reader for my RSS feeds. The exact reasons why are probably best left to another blog post, but it works, and I’m happy. The fact that it’s Reader inside an SSB isn’t the issue, however.

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MacBook Users: Turn off This Bluetooth Default Setting Now

In the Bluetooth preferences, it’s the box checkmarked “Allow Bluetooth devices to wake this computer.”


Also, I say it’s unintelligent that this feature is turned on by default because for notebooks, it’s useless. Usually when we sleep our notebooks, we close the lid. On a MacBook, opening the lid wakes it back up automatically. There’s no need to use the Bluetooth mouse to wake up the notebook. This setting should certainly not be turned on by default.

MacBook users? If you own a Bluetooth mouse, disable this setting now.

via MacBook Users: Turn off This Bluetooth Default Setting Now | Gadget Lab | Wired.com.

Ahhhhh – so this is why my Macbook keeps waking up from sleep whenever my Logitech V470 bluetooth mouse goes to sleep (thus initiating the “lost connection” dialog, and waking up my Macbook).

Thanks, Wired!