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Coilgun, the DIY edition

DIY Coilgun

The bad boy pictured above was put together by a Mr. Daniel Eindhoven for €100 (that’s about $133). A semiautomatic single stage gun that boasts a 14 shot capacity, the weapon’s capable of firing a 42 gram projectile at speeds up to 110km/h, with a charge time of 8 seconds when plugged into mains power (or if you’re on the go, the internal batteries will light up in about 90 seconds).

via DIY coilgun gives clever hobbyists the risk of permanent injury.

Two Things About Tanks

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed lately, you would have seen this.

If not, here it is again, the picture speaks for itself…

Hit the image up for more detailed L4D stats.

  1. A tank set on fire will always die in 30 seconds.
  2. Tank on fire speed comparison.

In summary: any tank set on fire will die in 30 seconds, and in campaign mode, any tank on fire will be significantly faster than a non-flamed tank, while in versus mode the tank is slower when on fire.

Now the only question becomes what the tank is like in Survival mode…