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Tech21’s iBand protective case and its mystical, magical, non-Newtonian goo

The iBand from Tech21 isn’t particularly attractive nor svelte, but after watching the video below there’s little doubt about its effectiveness. It’s made of a substance called d3o, which is a fancy orange non-Newtonian substance, starting out stretchy and gushy but, when put under pressure, hardening and protecting its precious contents. We’ve seen this stuff applied to high-impact applications like motorcycle armor, but we’re glad to see gadgetry getting a little attention too. […] Right now the £15 ($25) iBand is only available for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but future gadgets should receive the oobleck treatment soon.

via Video: Tech21’s iBand protective case and its mystical, magical, non-Newtonian goo.

Coilgun, the DIY edition

DIY Coilgun

The bad boy pictured above was put together by a Mr. Daniel Eindhoven for €100 (that’s about $133). A semiautomatic single stage gun that boasts a 14 shot capacity, the weapon’s capable of firing a 42 gram projectile at speeds up to 110km/h, with a charge time of 8 seconds when plugged into mains power (or if you’re on the go, the internal batteries will light up in about 90 seconds).

via DIY coilgun gives clever hobbyists the risk of permanent injury.

16 Links: The Engadget Edition

So I just had the task of trawling through all the Engadget posts that I missed while I was away (some 43 pages of posts). I must say, Endgadget has turned into something that doesn’t quite cut the mustard for me. Maybe I’ll have to start subscribing to Gizmodo – maybe they’ll have a better SNR. 20 out of 440+ isn’t so bad! /sarcasm.

In any case, there are a hell of a lot of links, so I’ll just get right into it:

DIY Screw-Nut Rings
Corny? Undoubtedly. Geeky? For sure.

DIY Prosthesis in Tasmania
A post on Engadget, about Tasmania! Woot!

DARPA’s 1.8 Gigapixel digicam
Whatever happened to “less is more”? Then again, this is DARPA we’re talking about…

Cell Phone Reunion
iPhone is bad-ass. Owning one doesn’t make you so.

Lazors fire! PEW PEW PEW!

Recompute – the cardboard PC
Cool design. Recyclable exterior.

Windows 7 SKUs
Wait – how many versions?!

Tokyoflash’s Heko watch
Again, this is the watch I’d be wearing. If I wore watches.

Seagate’s 2TB HDD
Lots of data (to lose).

Western Digital’s 2TB HDD
But this ones’s GREEN-er.

Days to 1 million
How long did it take to each smartphone to hit 1 million units sold? FYI, the iPhone 3G took 3 days.

Gigapixel image of Obama’s inaguration
Because we need a mega-close up, okay? You can buy one of the devices, too!

Canon doesn’t suck
No, they do not. For those of you that don’t know – no, Canon do not make vacuum cleaners.

Windows 7 Beta Impressions
It’s good, actually. Better than Vista, and better than XP.

Apple vs Palm
A good read, if a little long.

That’s it!

Go away – I don’t want your comments anyway. 😉

Ask Engadget: Best current smartphone for under $200?

It’s 2009, folks, so we figured we’d start it off with a bang (and about a gazillion comments in this post). George, a proud member of the USMC, is pondering what to do about a new smartphone, and given that your New Year’s resolution was undoubtedly to ditch your dumbphone in favor of a more sophisticated model, you’ll probably be interested as well.

via Ask Engadget: Best current smartphone for under $200? – Engadget.

Requirements? WiFi, camera (with flash if possible), touchscreen. Must be under $200 with 2-year contract.

No consensus as yet – but the Nokia E71 has been volunteered.

Semper Fi.