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Today’s Twitter Propaganda

Proudly brought to you by the letter B, I suppose…

In my opinion, the most commonly heard complaints about Twitter stem from a misunderstanding of it. Chief among these complaints is the utterly bunk assertion that it’s just a whole bunch of people heralding the trivial events of their daily lives into the void. (i.e., “I’m going to the bathroom now!” or “Eating a yummy ham sandwich!”) Frankly, if that’s how you’re using Twitter, you’re doing it wrong, and you should stop without subjecting your friends to a full week of that rubbish, let alone a full month.

via Twitter Quitters Just Don’t Get It.

Explaining Twitter to people can be always interesting, and as of late I’ve found that for most people “What you don’t understand, you ridicule.” I’ve had some interesting conversations around Twitter and how one would use it and why. I like this video, as it explains it without jargon or going in to technical details. (This would be one of the best I’ve seen).

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Cleaning Up the Top 10 Myths About Germs

As you take steps to avoid the germs and viruses that proliferate as winter progresses, you’ve no doubt received a good share of advice on how to avoid catching whatever’s going around.

ABCNews OnCall+ spoke with experts about some of the popular myths about germs that tend to spread as fast as the bacteria themselves this time of year.

Is a dog’s mouth cleaner than a person’s? How unsafe are public toilet seats? Some of these questions lack hard data, and the study findings sometimes conflict.

So before taking advice from your friends, you might want to check their wisdom about our microbe neighbors.

via Cleaning Up the Top 10 Myths About Germs.

Some good tips here:

Sponges typically DO NOT help keep your kitchen cleaner, they just spread germs around.

Plastic cutting boards ARE more sanitary than wooden ones.

Antibacterial soap DOES NOT keep your hands cleaner than regular soap.

And finally, they blowing air from a hand drier DO NOT spread germs.

There, you can finally sleep peacfully tonight.

There are more on that website, so check them out.