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Ample Eye Candy

I saw the new Transformers movie today with a friend. It was pretty good – say what you will about the plot (holes), Michael bay’s performance as a director, but there’s no denying that however bad Megan Fox’s acting is, she provided ample eye-candy.

As did Isabel Lucas, I might add. She’s hawt. 😀

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It doesn’t need to be said that I’d have a hard time choosing between Megan Fox and Isabel Lucas.

Or does it?

Of course! So obvious, yet full of genius.

megan fox wonder woman


It’s so obvious, yet so genius in every way imaginable – not casting Megan Fox as Wonder Woman for Warner Brother’s seemingly drawn-out series of superheroes (Iron Man, Nick Fury, The Hulk, Superman (?), Batman, etc) would just have been a bad move.

It’s one of those things that make you go “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

I for one look forward to the next couple of installments of superhero movies – and to think it all started with Nick Fury (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) right at the end of Iron Man…