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It’s (not) funny, because it’s true.

I think social insecurity applies to most of us at some level. However, we geeks have the advantage that it’s pretty much expected. We can talk about it and joke about it with geeks and non-geeks alike. We interpret things literally, boy geeks suck at talking to girls, girl geeks suck at talking to boys — you know how it goes.


Suddenly, consciously or not, Facebook is a game to me: to perform my best in the social world I want to optimise quality of posts against frequency of posts. How do I tell if a post is good quality? I see how many comments I get and how many Likes I get.

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How to get along with geeks: A seven-point guide

#2 You’re in the Windows or Mac camp

There’s no room for indifference when it comes to being a Mac fan or a Windows defendant. To be less biased about it, you need to be in one camp or the other. And this isn’t a battle waged only by die-hard Mac fanbois and girls – both Apple and Microsoft have run million-dollar campaigns based around the meme. (See the YouTube clip above.) It is still possible to be a Windows fan and own an iPhone, just make sure you bitch about its poor battery life. And often.

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Jawa Cake

jawa cake

A cake for a huge Star Wars geek’s 40th. Rum and Raisin Chocolate cake, 3×6 inch cakes and 1×5 inch carved. All accents are gumpaste or fondant.

“utini!” is the only legible word said by the Jawa in Star Wars and everybody at the party knew exactly what it was.

Geeks and Nerds Rule 😉

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Jawa, folks.

Not Java. 😉

The Future Soon

“The Future Soon” is a music video for Jonathan Coulton’s anthem for geeks and nerds everywhere. Those people who make fun of you now will be sorry, because in the future, you’ll be running the whole show, and it’ll be the future soon…

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On Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks.

Liking an expensive and materialistic piece of technology does not make one a nerd. Enjoying an obscure band that sings about random shit like ice cream and unicorns does not a dork make. Playing World of Warcraft, knowing the entire plot of every anime series released in the last ten years, being socially awkward, programming software for a living, talking about Linux over dinner, and playing D&D is what makes a nerd…