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The Seven Types Of Employees You Meet At Best Buy

old sales guy

Grizzled Old Home Theater/Computer Sales Lifer

This guy has seen some shit. He’s a refugee from Lechmere or Tweeter or some other now-defunct retail outlet. He knows the most about the products he sells, which is why all the part-time high school employees send customers with actual questions his way. He’s got an air of resigned acceptance about his life, and while he’s all-business with customers, he’s got no filter with fellow employees. He tells inappropriate jokes and talks vulgarly about the managers behind their back. He has a strictly regimented cigarette break every 2.5 hours that he never, ever misses.

via The Seven Types Of Employees You Meet At Best Buy | Gizmodo Australia.

Substitute “Best Buy” for “JB Hi-Fi”, and you’ve got a winner =)

Woo Seok Park – Sort and Separate

high tech rubbish

Lets face it. We all should be recycling. What used to be simple; “metal goes here, paper goes there, and plastic goes in over there,” is now a bit more complicated. For example did you know not all plastics and metals can be recycled? If you look for the recycling symbol on most packaging, it’s often filled with a number value. They denote what can and can’t be recycled. That’s where the Barcode Trashcan comes in. It makes being “green” a lot easier.

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