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Downfall Parody Redux

Naff fonts are NOT big or clever. Just stop! Leave design to designers!

via YouTube – Hitler Subtitler gets a cheap font CD.

There’s also the fact that memes don’t become memes until there’s a Downfall parody of them – this is in relation to the recent story about a boy in a balloon. You may have heard about it, you may have not, but irrespective of that, the boy in the balloon can now join the hall of meme fame with this particular Downfall parody.

This post part of Blogtober 2009. The real WTF here is that these posts were the spanner in the works of Hitler’s conquest of Europe all those years ago.

And now for something different – Hitler’s Downfall

So I have noticed everyone has been making subtitles of their own to this famous scene from Downfall or Der Untergang and I decided to post it with the subtitles that what he is actually saying, so enjoy.

via YouTube – Hitler’s Downfall Original Subtitles.

Instead of posting about my somewhat epic and numerous bus misadventures, I thought I’d mix it up by posting something a little left field, if you will.

There’s a meme going around at the moment where people put different subtitles to the clip above (Hitler’s Downfall, or Der Untergang), resulting in some HIL-A-RI-OUS combinations.

The face expressions, the pure rage, all accentuated by any topic you like – pure meme genius.

What you see above are the original subs to the film – that is actually what he says in the movie (except in German, of course).

I’ve shown you the clip above so you can better understand the follow-ons below. I’ve only linked the ones that are actually worth watching – there are many more, but are either not funny or just not worth linking here.


This post part of Blogtober 2009. A post a day keeps the RSS away. Or something.