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What a Wonderful L4D

I play Left 4 Dead waaaay too much. It deserves a vid. Please ignore the lag spikes and such, i rushed this out over 2 days and didn’t really have time to fix up all the bugs. The GTA4 machinima i talked about a while back is impossible now unfortunatly, my trainers don’t work for it any more.

via YouTube – What a Wonderful L4D.

Recognise these? Scribble-naut sized L4D survivors!

l4d scribblenauts

Scribblenaut-ized Heavy, Spy, and Pyro by Turk128. As with the previously featured fan-drawn game characters mimicking Scribblenauts’ playful style, these Team Fortress 2 classes likely won’t appear in the DS game.

Neither will these survivors from Left 4 Dead.

via Scribblenaut-ized Heavy, Spy, and Pyro by Turk128…. – Tiny Cartridge – Nintendo DS & DSi News, Media, Videos, Imports, Homebrew, & Retro Junk.

In my opinion, L4D > TF2, but here you are anyway:

tf2 scribblenauts

Original source here.

Two Things About Tanks

If you’ve been following my Twitter feed lately, you would have seen this.

If not, here it is again, the picture speaks for itself…

Hit the image up for more detailed L4D stats.

  1. A tank set on fire will always die in 30 seconds.
  2. Tank on fire speed comparison.

In summary: any tank set on fire will die in 30 seconds, and in campaign mode, any tank on fire will be significantly faster than a non-flamed tank, while in versus mode the tank is slower when on fire.

Now the only question becomes what the tank is like in Survival mode…