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The Hit List: Basics and Beyond

This seems as good a time as any to mention a large easter egg in the app. ‘Tis the season, as well. Create a task with the word “Mario” in it, complete it, and archive it. Do the same with “Star wars”. Now you’ll see why those are the only two tasks allowed to stay in the archive of my Inbox, for those times I need a motivator and don’t have any chocolate around. Speaking of which, excuse me for a second…

via The Hit List: Basics and Beyond | International Mac Podcast.

A dammed excellent article on why you should be using The Hit List as part of your Getting Things Done methodology (or, more accurately, a tutorial on how to use The Hit List to it’s full extent).

The day of my GTD approach is nigh – just gotta wait for The Hit List on iPhone, and I’ll be all set.

Wikipedia lists are AWESOME!

So I’m a huge fan of Wikipedia lists.

Lists in general are extremely good – informative, yet delivering the information faster to you than any pie-chart, graph, or spreadsheet ever could.

In particular, Wikipedia lists are great ‘cos they offer information in one central repository of information – great for people like me who need critical info about things NOW.

Instant gratification for the win.

Anyways, here are some of the top Wikipedia lists that I use on a frequent basis.

  • List of Stargate Atlantis Episodes, Season 5
    This list is awesome – Stargate Atlantis is awesome, and so is Season 5. I use this list primarily to find out when the new episodes are broadcast, as well as seeing extra info for each and every episode.
  • List of Top Gear Episodes, Season 10
    This list is also awesome for the same reasons that the Stargate Atlantis list is awesome – broadcast dates and episode listings. Top Gear is awesome too, so I suppose that helps…
  • List of Intel Core 2 Microprocessors, Quad Core Mobile processors
    Intel processors are the best of the bunch (in this writer’s opinion, anyway) and this is another one of those awesome lists that deliver info on critical things like core 2 duo processors. I’ve been looking at the release dates on Quad core mobile processors to try and gauge when Apple are going to be putting them in their computers, to be honest. Once upon a time I did use this list for processor spec comparisons between Yorkfield processors for the gaming rig I was building, but then I bought a Mac 😀
  • List of Operating Systems, Smartphones
    The Apple iPhone is an awesome piece of kit and I’m proud to say that it’s OS is listed under smartphones. I was actually looking at this list as research for some of my previous iPhone posts – as well as doing some future research for some upcoming iPhone posts, because, as you know, I’m a huge fan of apple gear. Enough said.

So Wikipedia is awesome, and not just because of it’s lists. However, there are times when it just goes far too far, and into the realms of insanity.

Deletionpedia is the place where Wikipedia articles go to die, and it has one of the most massive lists ever…

The Weapons of the Imperium (Warhammer 40,000)

It was either this or a Simpsons list of all the chalkboard gags that was labelled “fancruft”. LOL. That’s mind blowing. Who in their right mind would make that?!

And finally – today’s WTF…

List of Unicode characters

Just, WTF. I’m astounded. :O