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Sith Nazgul | Joke Gurus

Sith Nazgul

Running a big organization with lots of employees is never an easy task. Even the Evil Warlords have to take care of syndicate demands, pension plans, team buildings and training programs.

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Is Your Son a Computer Hacker?

Two years ago, my wife Carol and I decided that our children’s education would not be complete without some grounding in modern computers. To this end, we bought our children a brand new Compaq to learn with. […] Our son Peter was most entranced by the device, and became quite a pro at surfing the net. When Peter began to spend whole days on the machine, I became concerned, but Carol advised me to calm down, and that it was only a passing phase. I was content to bow to her experience as a mother, until our youngest daughter, Cindy, charged into the living room one night to blurt out: “Peter is a computer hacker!”

To this end, I have decided to publish the top ten signs that your son is a hacker. I advise any parents to read this list carefully and if their son matches the profile, they should take action. A smart parent will first try to reason with their son, before resorting to groundings, or even spanking. […]

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I think the article is done with a healthy dose of satire.

I *think*.

I could be wrong.

The World’s Inventory Of Lulz

The world’s inventory of lols, according to Google.

No matches were found for 100 lolols, effectively disproving the existence of the loololol. The internet contains 2,050,000 lulz. At no point is equilolbrium reached.

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