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Man allegedly pretends to be U.S. Marshall, kidnaps woman and has her deported to the Philippines

According to local Hemet, CA police, Gregory R. Denny arrived at the doorstep of a local woman, “arrested” her, and drove her to a local border patrol station asking them to take her into custody.

He apparently did all of this while dressed as a U.S. Marshall wearing a law enforcement uniform, badge and a handgun.

When the border patrol post could not verify the existence of a warrant for the woman, he drove her to the San Diego airport, made her buy her own ticket to the Philippines, then bypassed security to be sure she got on the plane telling the security checkpoint staff that he was deporting her.

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Movies & random ranting

And I also hate people who check their phone through the ENTIRE movie. Those people who are like, “Oh, well, Los Angeles is only crumbling into the ocean and a tidal wave is only going over the himalayas, I think I’ll check the time and message my boyfriend for no apparent reason.” *pulls phone out, creating an enormously bright light that illuminates and annoys the entire row of people.* And the people who don’t turn their phone off, so this happens:

Lead Character: “There’s a secret… that I haven’t told you… and it is that -” *RING RING RING* “HELLO?!?! I’M IN THE MOOOOOVIE! THE MOOOOOVIE! CALL BACK LATER!” Lead Character’s Wife: “OH MY GOD YOU SERIOUS?!” and I’m left sitting there going, “wtf?!”

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Poker Face – Parody (“Outer Space”)

The sunglasses, head orbiter, and mirror mask are all hand-made. (I’m an arts & crafts nerd.) 😛

[…]*And in response to the comments about the way I sang this: It was not suppose to sound good. I was playing an eccentric, odd alien. It was not dissing Lady Gaga’s voice though, as I know she sings well. But this is a PARODY of her extraterrestrial self. […]

I actually really respect Lady Gaga and really love her music. So this song was a fun spin on her outrageous style… which I actually admire about her.

via YouTube – Lady Gaga – Poker Face – Parody (“Outer Space”).

If anything, she’s prettier than Lady Gaga.

Also, have you seen any of Lady Gaga’s video clips? They’re so out-there that it’s hard to describe what they’re actually doing – interpretive dance would be easier to understand…