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Of course! So obvious, yet full of genius.

megan fox wonder woman


It’s so obvious, yet so genius in every way imaginable – not casting Megan Fox as Wonder Woman for Warner Brother’s seemingly drawn-out series of superheroes (Iron Man, Nick Fury, The Hulk, Superman (?), Batman, etc) would just have been a bad move.

It’s one of those things that make you go “Why didn’t I think of that?”.

I for one look forward to the next couple of installments of superhero movies – and to think it all started with Nick Fury (portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson) right at the end of Iron Man…

RIPT FUSION Shirt Transforms Man Into Meathead, Instantly

ript shirt

What’s a RIPT FUSION shirt? Well it’s “a classic men’s undershirt injected with steroids,” of course. For just $US58, it’ll add pecs and abs all while sucking in the flabby parts. But even more critical to society, it’ll put geeks on the same playing field as jocks, the lazy on the same playing field as the obnoxiously active.

Even if the Ript Fusion is too gimmicky to make you look good, it could eventually make muscles look bad. And in the long run, that’s really just as beneficial.

via RIPT FUSION Shirt Transforms Man Into Meathead, Instantly | Gizmodo Australia.

How about we just name this the “most douche-y shirt ever” and be done with it? XD

Iron Man is AWESOME!

So today I saw the movie Iron Man.

It is, quite simply, the best movie I have seen in at least a year. The last time I saw something this good was such a long time ago that I’m not even aware of what the name of the movie is.

I urge you to see this movie if you haven’t seen it yet. It’s completely awesome.

Other notable movies of late have been:

I’m sure there are more, but these ones have really stuck with me.

Of course, there have also been movies that I thought were going to be good (going purely from the preview) but have been just average when I have actually seen them. The Interpreter comes to mind – if it wasn’t for Nicole Kidman doing a stellar job in this, it would have been a utter bore to watch. Besides, Nicole as a blonde? Haha!!

Anyways, in other news – the end’s not near, it’s here. Year 12 is over, and with it, Calvin.

Never fear, though – freshbytes has all the Calvin goodness you need!

In any case, just keep checking both here and freshbytes for more info as it comes in.

3 weeks to 3 months of holidays. But we’ve gotta get through exams first. Ah, frak.

[Hugely enjoying Battlestar Galactica, as well.]