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Super Mario Bros.

This video was part of my Bachelor thesis at the University of Applied science and art Hannover. The Super Mario Bros. game, released on the Nintendo Entertainment System, is not longer bound to the television size and get interactive with a new environment. The emphasis of my thesis is on the matchmoving work. It is the process of matching CG elements into live-action footage.

via Super Mario Bros. on Vimeo.

“Mario’s Closet” by Glen Brogan.


I wanted to include as many of his power-ups as possible, but the main rule I had to follow was that I couldn’t include things that actually transform Mario himself rather that just changing his wardrobe, like the Boo mushroom from Mario Galaxy that turns him into a ghost. So I’ve mentally prepared myself for the barrage of ‘OMG WHY DIDNT U INCLUDE THIS 1 ON THERE U R DUM.

via “Mario’s Closet” by Glen Brogan. I hope he picks… – Tiny Cartridge – Nintendo DS & DSi News, Media, Videos, Imports, Homebrew, & Retro Junk.

Super Mario World in the theme of Don’t Stop Me Now

Someone with more time than a firm sense of how to use that time productively (our kind of guy/gal) has strung together four screens playing automated Super Mario World levels programmed to mimic the four parts of Queen’s “Don’t Stop Me Now.”

Forget putting this together: I got winded just watching it.

via The Daily What.

Wii Sports is the Most Successful Videogame of All Time

Wii Sports has now passed lifetime sales of Super Mario Bros (NES) to become the number one selling videogame of all time

via Wii Sports is the Most Successful Videogame of All Time | VG Chartz.com – Video Game Sales Charts – Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, Wii, PS3, Xbox360, DS, PSP, PC.

Now, if only the article would mention that Wii Sports is bumdled with the actual console, and Super Mario Bros isn’t…

Huge milestone, anyway.

To prove that Nintendo are still in the game, the top ten selling games of all time are shown below. All ten are made by Nintendo.

Top Ten of All TIme