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Do math, become unstoppable.

All the hottest buttons are on this guy – you got SIN, COS, TAN. Heck, there’s even a button that just says MATH. What does it do?! I thought all of these buttons did that. Looks like you have quite an adventure ahead of you as you unlock the secrets of MATH, LOG, x-1, ALPHA, LN, and more. And for those of you old-school guys looking to do some of that classic math – we’ve got all your favorites – +, -, X and much more!

.9999999… is equal to 1.000000

Now, here is the conundrum. .9 repeating is EQUAL TO ONE. Not CLOSE to one, mind you, but EQUAL to one.

Nonsense, you reply. It is obviously less than one. Not by much – by an infinitely small amount, in fact. But the simple fact that it is not one is enough to demonstrate that it can’t be equal to one. It’s as close as you can get to one without being one.

Wrong! It is in fact equal to one, and that fact can be demonstrated mathematically in several ways.

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