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The Hit List: Basics and Beyond

This seems as good a time as any to mention a large easter egg in the app. ‘Tis the season, as well. Create a task with the word “Mario” in it, complete it, and archive it. Do the same with “Star wars”. Now you’ll see why those are the only two tasks allowed to stay in the archive of my Inbox, for those times I need a motivator and don’t have any chocolate around. Speaking of which, excuse me for a second…

via The Hit List: Basics and Beyond | International Mac Podcast.

A dammed excellent article on why you should be using The Hit List as part of your Getting Things Done methodology (or, more accurately, a tutorial on how to use The Hit List to it’s full extent).

The day of my GTD approach is nigh – just gotta wait for The Hit List on iPhone, and I’ll be all set.