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Jawa Cake

jawa cake

A cake for a huge Star Wars geek’s 40th. Rum and Raisin Chocolate cake, 3×6 inch cakes and 1×5 inch carved. All accents are gumpaste or fondant.

“utini!” is the only legible word said by the Jawa in Star Wars and everybody at the party knew exactly what it was.

Geeks and Nerds Rule 😉

via Jawa Cake on Flickr – Photo Sharing!.

Jawa, folks.

Not Java. 😉

On Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks.

Liking an expensive and materialistic piece of technology does not make one a nerd. Enjoying an obscure band that sings about random shit like ice cream and unicorns does not a dork make. Playing World of Warcraft, knowing the entire plot of every anime series released in the last ten years, being socially awkward, programming software for a living, talking about Linux over dinner, and playing D&D is what makes a nerd…