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Internode Easy Broadband

Internode is well-regarded amongst serious tech users for its plans and customer service, but offers such a large range of plans that casual users might well be put off. The new Easy Broadband option costs $49.95, and involves pretty much a no-brainer installation with the fastest available speed from the exchange, and a 30GB data quota. The plan doesnโ€™t include a standard hardware option, the notion being that users might well already have one.

The big catch, though, is that unlike most other Internode plans, the 30GB total includes uploads as well as downloads. Internode argues that this makes it easier to compare with Telstra and Optus, which both have the same approach. I still reckon it would be better not to endorse that kind of dodgy behaviour by emulating it.

via Internode Easy Broadband Has One Catch | Lifehacker Australia.

Yet another reason I love Internode.

The deal pretty much goes like this: I’m paying $50/month for 1500/256 with 10GB downloads.

This easy broadband plan from Internode will change that to a minimum of 1500/256 (the plan itself offers the fastest speed available on the exchange), with 30GB “usage”, for the same price.

What’d that, you say? Uploads are counted against quota?
Meh, that’s fine – when my largest month in terms of uploads was the small side of 7GB, I’ll be getting an extra 13GB of downloads for free – and a possible speed upgrade to boot. Factor in the fact that I’m getting all this for the same price that I’m paying now, and you can see why this choice is a no-brainer – you’d have to be nuts to not take it ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, if only Internode started building ADSL2+ on the Kingston exchange… ๐Ÿ˜‰