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Windows Phone 7 Update Insanity

In a perfect world, all our phone updates would be released when the phone manufacturer said so, not at the whims of hardware manufacturers and certainly not at the discretion of telecommunications companies. Yet that’s exactly what’s happening with the (somewhat minor) Windows Phone 7 update, with delays globally as carriers and hardware manufacturers stumble over numerous “testing and verification” stages. And even when Microsoft finally approve the update, it “might take several weeks” before users even see the update? Well, there’s a joke if I’ve ever heard one.

Farkin Adobe!!

OK, so my last MBP was recently crushed on a flight, totally stuffed, mobo damaged, HD has errors so not much easily retrievable there. So install my Photoshop CS3 onto my new machine. I have it already on the Mac Pro and you are allowed 2 copies, one on a desktop, one on a laptop. Prob is that since my last machine is unusable, I am unable to deregister the old machine.

So when I whack the serial in it balks at me saying I can’t install it. Fair nuf, I think to myself, I’ll just ring em like when you change a part in your PC and have to ring MS.

So the number in the registration part of the Photoshop software says to ring 1800 005 034. After 15 minutes on hold I get a call centre in Bangalore or somewhere where the guy has an attitude and is is rather unhelpful, and after going thru everything proceeds to tell me that I have rung the number for American and Canadian registrations. I try to explain to him that a 1800 number only works in Australia and I have rung the number it told me to ring for Australia. Idiot who cannot comprehend anything that doesn’t match his script continues to insist I ring 1300 550 205. Pissed off I hang up and try it.

Get a recorded message saying that the number is no longer valid and I need to ring 1800 504 … but doesn’t repeat it, so have to ring it back AGAIN to catch the full number and write it down. 1800 504 971. OK, so ring THAT number and INCREDIBLY get a similar message saying THAT number is ALSO invalid, and that I need to ring 1800 614 863. FARK!! How can they so totally stuff it all up?

Phone THAT number and get a bloody recorded message saying that the Aussie line is only open between 9-5 Monday to Friday!! WTF!?!?! How the hell can they justify having global call centres that are open but not service certain countries even though they have legitimately purchased the software? The tool on the phone could even see my details, he just refused to help. What if I was needing the software due to a deadline of something? And they wonder why people pirate their software when they treat legitimate customers with such contempt!

So I ring the first number back, and even after telling them 5 times over that the 1300 number DOES NOT work, the idiot CONTINUES to tell me I need to ring the same bloody number. He just could not comprehend that he was giving out an incorrect number and that there was no one on that number.

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Why text messages are limited to 160 characters

Alone in a room in his home in Bonn, Germany, Friedhelm Hillebrand sat at his typewriter, tapping out random sentences and questions on a sheet of paper.

As he went along, Hillebrand counted the number of letters, numbers, punctuation marks and spaces on the page. Each blurb ran on for a line or two and nearly always clocked in under 160 characters.

That became Hillebrand’s magic number — and set the standard for one of today’s most popular forms of digital communication: text messaging.

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