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What is the meaning of cricket bats in L4D2?

There’s a cricket bat in Left 4 Dead 2, and after pondering how such an instrument could find its way to the southern United States (we certainly don’t make them here, and every American knows that we don’t allow people with them to enter the country), we’ve come up with a few theories…

via Thwack! Left 4 Dead 2 survivors play a bit of cricket.

The REAL reason there’s a cricket bat in L4D2 is that the Ashes is currently being played in England, and the cricket bat symbolism in L4D2 is simply Valve’s way of saying that Australia (as represented by the Infected) are going to be beat silly by the English, as represented by the Survivors.

Or something.

I don’t really know, I’m just speculating 😉

Recognise these? Scribble-naut sized L4D survivors!

l4d scribblenauts

Scribblenaut-ized Heavy, Spy, and Pyro by Turk128. As with the previously featured fan-drawn game characters mimicking Scribblenauts’ playful style, these Team Fortress 2 classes likely won’t appear in the DS game.

Neither will these survivors from Left 4 Dead.

via Scribblenaut-ized Heavy, Spy, and Pyro by Turk128…. – Tiny Cartridge – Nintendo DS & DSi News, Media, Videos, Imports, Homebrew, & Retro Junk.

In my opinion, L4D > TF2, but here you are anyway:

tf2 scribblenauts

Original source here.

Left 4 Dead 2? There goes productivity.


This same gore is achievable with all the weapons, with new ragdoll deaths for the throngs, to make their entrail-spilling, armpit-dribbling, face-exploding ways all the more entertaining. There were many gasps and cries of “OH GOOD GRIEF!” as we played, the strings of guts slopping wildly into the air, or as mentioned above, the faceless leaking mess suddenly bursting like a blood-filled balloon as the Infected fell to the floor. It’s awesome.


Another very smart change is to prevent sneaky players from trying to sit out the triggered events. In those moments in L4D where you had to press a button that began a frantic attack until an elevator arrived, or a door opened, it seems too many were crouching in a corner together and waiting for it to all die down. L4D2 has plans to prevent such treachery. Now some of the events you start can only be stopped by reaching a further target. In an extremely tense sequence, we had to make our way through a labyrinth of alarmed cars to reach a distant point that would finally see the attack fade. Trying desperately to avoid hitting any of the cars, and thus making the situation far worse, while having to make constant forward progress, amped things up significantly.

via Left 4 Dead 2 – Exclusive RPS Preview | Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Incendiary ammo, chainsaws, frying pans, new Infected, campaigns that happen in BROAD DAYLIGHT, fire-proof Infected in Hazmat suits, Wandering Witches, OH MY!


Dammit, now I’ll REALLY have to buy a new computer. Or at least, and upgrade. =/

I can’t wait. For more info in the coming days, hit up the L4D blog.