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MacHeist Giving Tree

So MacHeist, the people who have done awesome software deals in the past, are giving away from awesome Mac software for Christmas 2008.

That’s fine by me!

If you use my referral link, I get more free software. I’ve already unlocked all the presents under the tree (on top of the two you get instantly when you sign up, another two you get to unrap on Christmas Day, and another two you can get from referrals, making six presents in total). Yay for free software!!

However – what people don’t realise is that your Loot (from MacHeist) is also unlocked. You can download a couple of other software packages for free, which is fairly awesome.

Right, so I suppose you want some links, right?

Sign up for the MacHeist Giving Tree here.

Then, download some other free apps from your MacHeist loot here.

If you want, you can Digg the event here.

Lastly, enjoy your free software!