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Twitter Updates Now Turned Off

Right, so maybe you liked them, maybe you didn’t. Maybe having a publicly-searchable archive of my tweets was a good idea, maybe it wasn’t.

Either way, the “Twitter Weekly Updates for week BLAH” posts have now been turned off. Frankly they were just annoying walls of text that (probably) no-one actually read, and they just cluttered up my search results when trying to look for stuff I’d actually blogged.

Not to mention the timer which apparently had a mind of it’s own – Sunday 3am is NOT Sunday at 10pm, and there was even that post which was posted on a Wednesday… Argh, what?! The time difference never seemed to be consistent, so I got angry and removed it altogether.

Maybe you’ll notice they’re gone, maybe you won’t. Either way, it’s gone, and I don’t plan to add it back anytime soon. If I feel like it I’ll also be removing the previous archives manually with WordPress’ bulk actions.

Much love for WordPress’ built-in bulk edit actions.

Too many updates infrequently? (Alternate title: Less Pressing, More Blogging)

You might have noticed that I’m updating the blog a lot.

Problem is, in my humble opinion it’s happening far too infrequently – blog 600 articles one day, 0 the next, 542 the day after that, and so on and so forth.

I think the issue here is that I’ve lost sight of what this blog was created. It’s not supposed to be an internet scrapbook where I keep all my links so I don’t forget them. It’s not a place where I can just put stuff up ‘cos I think that it’s awesome (although that’s certinaly a part of it, there’s far too much awesome stuff on the internet these days to keep putting it up here).

No, dear reader.

Let me remind you of why this blog came about in the first place – those words uttered by Steve Jobs; “Computers are like a bicycle for our minds.”

It’s not because it was said by Steve (although that makes it slightly more awesome).

It’s not because I don’t want to share awesome things with you guys, I really do.

I feel as though there’s not enough “me” in these posts. Press This, while being the most awesome blogging tool ever invented, has made me a lazy blogger, and I’m sorry to admit it.

While I feel that there’s always a little I can add on to each Pressed post, I haven’t been out of sheer laziness.

It’s time that changed.

From now onwards – less Pressing.

More blogging.


Even if it means sacrificing updates for days on end. Even if it means you won’t see the merely entertaining stuff, just the mega-awesome-zomg-that-was-incredible-stuff.

Less Pressing. More blogging. 😉