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Extreme wardriving with the USB YAGI WiFi antenna…


google maps screenshot

The USB-Yagi is a handy and high performance directional antenna which delivers a remarkable 1000mW+ horse power in the direction it is pointing with a HPBW (Half-Power BeamWidths) of 56 degree.

It connected to the WiFi signal 3.8km away from the University in direct line-of-sight and maintained a stable wireless connection at a sensitivity of -54dBm, which is amazingly powerful and have more rooms to go further than that.

via at danets, we enhance your wireless experience: YAGI WiFi antenna.

English Russia » Connected


That’s the way to stay connected even when you stuck in the traffic jam in Moscow downtown. There is always some free wifi network around, just, for better coverage, you gotta leave your car a while.

via English Russia » Connected.