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Worst. Website Design. Ever.

Seriously – WTF is this?!

Look at it. Just look at it. Surely that’s not even legal?

It’s so horrendously bad, it was named as 2008’s worst website of the year.

If you’re interested (or just want to experience the horror for yourself) in a larger version, hit this link.

Some guy on the internet has made a screencapture of the whole site – it’s fairly large, though. Hit this link.

Finally, if you want to experience the full experience for yourself, hit this link. At your own risk. I take no responsibility for what happens next.

Just. Astounding.

staticICE Server Maintenance

Unfortunately, staticICE has been suspended by our web hosting provider early this morning due to overloading the server. staticICE is in the progress of investigating a migration of our service to a new server.

via staticICE Server Maintenance.

Oh no! Where are we going to go for cheap PC parts now!!

Wait, MSY to the rescue! Just please, please don’t make me go to their website…

That’s it! MSYScraper!

The Website Is Down!