A massive pain in the neck…

So some of you may know that I was sick last Tuesday (23rd September) – I missed a day because I had slept really wrongly the night before and managed to stuff my neck real bad.

It wasn’t very nice – lots of cramping, spams, pain. Ugh.

Well, I’ve decided to educate you. I refer you to the following diagram:

The sternocleidomastoid muscle (highlighted in grey) was the one that I had managed to over-stretch or something – it was all swollen and stuff…

Anyway, I’m sure you all know someone who is a constant pain in the neck.

I’ve now experienced that pain, and I doubt anyone could annoy me that much – if you can annoy me to the point where performing basic tasks such as walking becomes a real pain in the neck (haha, pun fully intended), then you’ve done a good job.

<sarcasm> Yeah. Good one! </sarcasm>

Pain in the form of physical isn’t too bad – normally, I’m pretty okay with it.

I went ice-skating with friends on Saturday (congrats, Adam), and I fell over. No probs, I was a little wet, but not hurt. Righto, so I continue on skating – until oops, not 10 seconds later this guy (Ayden dM) just slams into me, totally taking me out. I fall harder this time, and am a little more wet, but oh well, stuff happens. Right – so I get up and continue skating – when I look at my palm, and there’s blood all over it! Whoa!

It was just a little cut in the end (didn’t take off skin, just cut it a little) but it was bleeding profusely. I got all bandaged up, and that was that… Missed my vein by a couple of centimetres, though. Had a bandage which made me look emo (for cutting myself), lol.

Anyways, pain is your body’s way of telling you that something isn’t right – and when that pain manifests itself as emotional pain, it means you’re in an emotional situation where something just isn’t right – so make it (right)!

That is all. Comments below.

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  • Andrea Kennedy

    I have had chronic, acute pain for five years now. In hospital for a Cervical Nerve Stimulator Implant Trial. The Pain Specialist calls my pain Cervical Dystonia. He believes it is secondary caused by neck degeneration. The muscle at the side of my neck won’t stop going into spasm 24/7. I am beside myself with it. The Stimulator doesn’t seem to be working.
    Just thought I would share the sad situation I am in. Would be nice if someone could fix my pain.