Apple’s “Billion App” Countdown Clock, It’s Fake

App Countdown

Seems that the featured counter actually ties to no tangible data and is increasing numbers at a calculated pace.

According to the algorithm that Apple is using for the fake counter, the billionth App would be sold sometime on the 20th at 4:57am.

via Apple’s “Billion App” Countdown Clock, It’s Fake.

Yeah – I thought so.

In any case, who cares about the clock when the implementation iself is nothing short of brilliant? It uses a single image to generate all of the numbers – and that includes the “animation”, and all without [gay, ugly, slow, bloated, cpu-intensive, etc] flash!

Kudos, Apple!

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  • Apple Fan

    I was just on the countdown page and it was at 24,845,800,793. When I reloaded the page the thing said 24,845,745,000. Does this mean anything?

  • Diddy

    It’s explains on the page the countdown is for illustrative purpose only