Another one from the camera roll.

When you think about it, the iPhone camera can take pretty good pictures sometimes. Here’s one I managed to capture one lazy Sunday evening. For those of you that don’t poke your head out that often, it’s Elizabeth Mall.

What I like about this shot isn’t that fact that it’s blurry, but because the blur adds a sense of realism to the shot itself. If you look closely, it’s like the blur only affects the edges of the photo as well, while the centre is still in focus (relatively speaking).

So, there you have it. The iPhone 3G camera can be decent at times – for a geek like me, it’s a shame it’s not a better macro camera. It’s also a shame I don’t have a 3GS, but that’s another story.

This post, part of Blogtober 2009, just goes to show how damn lazy I actually am. Sleep beckons, gentlemen.

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