Insignificant Macbook Is Insignificant

Pictures doesn’t really do it justice, but this thing is completely HUGE, easily dwarfing my tiny-by-comparison Macbook.

I’m on the way to a sleepover at a mate’s place tonight, where hopefully it’ll get a good workout with some Modern Warfare 2, some Left 4 Dead 2, and maybe even some co-op Rainbow Six Vegas 2. Yes, I love myself some sequels.

Speaking of games, there’s a HUGE Holiday sale on Steam until January 3rd – I’m planning to grab at least one RPG (adding that to Borderlands and The Last Remnant from this year alone), plus at least another indie game or two, depending on whatever tickles my fancy.

I’m kinda glad that I haven’t bought (that many) games from Steam this year – I may have bought at least 60% of my current games collection this year, but only a fraction of those have come from Steam.

To quote Francis from Left 4 Dead 1 – “Steam? I *love* Steam!”

Yeah. It’s pretty cool – games aren’t really affordable when you’re buying them as soon as they’re released, and games hardly ever go on sale at brick-and-mortar stores (with the exception of EB, who’s continual sales kinda dull the “zomg it’s on sale” factor), and digital distribution kinda sucks when you have a slow connection, regardless of whether or not it’s part of your metered usage or not (thanks, Internode!). On the flipside, though – the cool thing about digital distribution is that prices can fluctuate madly – just look at the iTunes App Store as a perfect example of this, as well as Steam. Sure, it’s usually the developers/publishers that have some sort of say on the final price, but The App Store and Steam and both great
examples of how the future is right here, right now.

I still want my hoverboard, though.

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