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And I also hate people who check their phone through the ENTIRE movie. Those people who are like, “Oh, well, Los Angeles is only crumbling into the ocean and a tidal wave is only going over the himalayas, I think I’ll check the time and message my boyfriend for no apparent reason.” *pulls phone out, creating an enormously bright light that illuminates and annoys the entire row of people.* And the people who don’t turn their phone off, so this happens:

Lead Character: “There’s a secret… that I haven’t told you… and it is that -” *RING RING RING* “HELLO?!?! I’M IN THE MOOOOOVIE! THE MOOOOOVIE! CALL BACK LATER!” Lead Character’s Wife: “OH MY GOD YOU SERIOUS?!” and I’m left sitting there going, “wtf?!”

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