Damn you, Logitech.

Ive had my trusty Logitech V470 for a while now, and it’s seen a pretty harsh life so far. I’m always on a the lookout for a decent replacement that has at least as many features, but damn you, logitech. Damn you.

Had you made this mouse in a Bluetooth version, I might have actually considered it in my neverending search for a capable V470 replacement – as it stands, however, I’ll have to look elsewhere, even though this Anywhere Mouse has all the features I want…

Yes, Bluetooth is that important to me. If I’ve already got it inbuilt, why should I go out and buy something that requires an extra adapter (no matter how miniscule it is), that will take up an extra USB port on my already-constrained supply? (Yes, I realise that Macs suck because they “only” have two USB ports. Get over it, that’s why they made USB hubs for.)

And even though I have a USB hub at home with two ports free all the time, that’s still not the point, is it? I mean, sure – even I’ll struggle to fill all the available ports on any modern PC these days (it’s like 12 or some other stupid number), but on a laptop, portability is the key. Cutting the number of USB ports I have available just flies in the face of every common-sense rule that I’ve ever heard, and it’s just rediculous for a company of 25 (or however many years it is) years to not make a decent range of Bluetooth mice for laptops.

But you know what? I have other options. The thing that irks me is that there isn’t a middle click button on the Apple Magic Mouse – however, that can be resolved via a nice little third-party piece of software called MagicPrefs, or Better Touch Tool will also do it AFAIK. Unlike the Logitech, the Magic Mouse is also made from yummy multi-touch goodness, which means I can scoll with momentum as much as I want, but dammit – the Anywhere Mouse has the momentum scrolling AND ratchet (or tradition, notched) scrolling, as well. D’arvit!

So damn you, Logitech. Instead of making the decision easy for me to buy your stuff, now I actually have to go out and do some research before I can make a decision – but to you, you’ve pretty much lost the sale already, even if I do end up purchasing an Anywhere Mouse.

NB: next to this particular model of mouse there was also a mouse with an INCREDIBLE claim on battery life; up to 3 years, in fact, on a set of double AA cells. Now I’m usually not the most skeptical person in the world, but seriously – three years? Years? Three off them? Of course, the fine print stated testing was done under controlled conditions, and that it used some technology to save energy, but it had exactly the same receiver as the Anywhere mouse, so I’m not so sure…

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