DIY micro-SIM conversion!

You’ll excuse the iPhone 3G’s terribly bad camera, but what you see
before you is my own attempt at cutting down a mini-SIM to the
micro-SIM format now used in the iPad as well as the iPhone 4.

I purchased the Noosy-branded SIM cutter tool from Deal Extreme. Not
bad for $20, especially seeing as it came with two micro-to-mini-SIM

When it arrived, I got an old, inactive SIM from my previous iPhone,
and promptly cut it using the aforementioned SIM cutter. By placing
the now-micro-SIM inside one of the adapters and testing it in my
iPhone 2G, I was able to ascertain that the SIM, indeed, worked
without the two contacts above by observing the iPhone change from “No
SIM” to “Searching…” – something that backed up my observational
hypothesis by examining the contact points themselves (on the actual

All in all, a successful experiment. I’ve yet to try it on a working
SIM, but I have no need to. Really.

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