I’ll miss you, Droid Sans!

Above: screenshot of playlist when using Droid Sans as a system font.
Below: screenshot of playlist when using the standard iPhone typeface (Helvetica, I think?).

Now, I’m no typographer, but even I can tell that Droid Sans is that little bit easier to read, that little bit more _fun_ than Helvetica. It’s a little like arranging your room just the way you want it, so that your time spent in there is all the more enjoyable.

Okay, maybe quite not like that, but it’s fairly similar.

I’ve been Droid-sans less for about a month or so now, ever since that iPhone developer preview came out. While I don’t regret the jump (losing a whole lot of jailbreak-goodness in the process), there are certainly things which I wish Apple would implement (customisable SMS ringtones and bluetooth file transfer being at the top of that particular list), especially seeing as we’re now at the fourth iteration of the iPhone OS so far.

Droid sans was very very slick. It made something great that much better, and in this day and age, isn’t that what it’s all about?

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