iPhone bug/glitch screenshots – the “right up my alley” edition

Yay! I love it when people send me awesome stuff, especially after they’ve read something on my blog, or been intrigued by one of my shared items in Google Reader.

The above screenshot was sent in by @wmyeoh, and depicts, as far ad I can tell, a strange bug where the iPhone’s keyboard has somehow managed to completely bugger itself while switching from landscape to portrait view. Such an error (keyboard glitches and/or UI issues after switching from portrait to landscape or vice versa) certainly isn’t unheard of, and just goes to show that no matter how awesome we think Apple is, they’re still human 🙂

Well, maybe not you-and-I human, but human nonetheless :p

Oh – and by the way, if you’re looking for a GTD client for the iPhone, I highly recommend Things by Cultured Code. It’s certainly one of the most polished and dare I say, overhyped GTD app – but it deserves all the credit it gets, it’s that good. While I’ve played with 2Do on a short term basis (read: not in everyday use), it seemed a little complex for what I wanted. Then again, maybe complex is good, especially when compared to an app like Put Things Off, which is still good, but maybe a little too simplistic in areas…

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