Need a new PSU? Call 430W OEM PSU!

There’s a feature on the iPhone that allows it to identify numbers that can be dialled, added to existing contacts, created with a new contact, and so on. The official term in OSX is “data detectors”, which allow applications such as Mail/iCal/Address Book to, like the namesake suggests, detect data and work with it as appropriate.

Anyway, I mainly lurk on the OverClockers AUstralia forums, or OCAU. There’s a trading section on there, and this one particular chap was selling a 430W OEM PSU. I’m not entirely sure why I was looking at this particular item as I already have a 460W PSU, but I was, and I found it nothing short of hilarious that my iPhone detected that the part description as an actual phone number, where the letters combine to form numbers.

This whole thing might have had something to do with the fact that I had to patch support for the 4-3-3 grouping of mobile numbers into the phone itself, as a previous iPhone OS version tempoarily broke such functionality – area codes especially would break the Phone display of such numbers. No matter, though – recent iPhone OS versions have thoroughly restored functionality to the number groupings of both landline and mobile numbers.

And that’s that.

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