Not bad for $20, hey?

Ah yes, the beautiful iPhone 2G – your flat-backed sexiness is now mine! 😀

Maybe it’s the inner fanboy in me, but I’ve always wanted one of
these. Maybe it’s the flat back appeal, or perhaps it’s the fact that
the iPhone 2G, has, in my mind, represented the invention of the
original smartphone, the phone that could do it all.

If you’ve read any of the stories about how the original iPhone
concept was conceived you’ll know that there was a good deal
surrounding this phone – not just the rumours of that fateful meeting
between Jobs and other Apple execs, where Jobs supposedly said that
things (the state of the iPhone at that stage) just weren’t good
enough – and for me, that basically represents Apple – the company,
the methodology, the modus operandi.

You can keep your Android devices, your Droid Xs and Desires, loaded
with crapware as they are. You can keep your eFuse mechanisms which
permanently brick devices upon attempted modification of firmwares,
your feature checklist at the expense of actual useability, and yes,
you can even keep your vastly superior notification system, because
you know what? The iPhone, as a platform, as a device, as the whole
damn ecosystem – just friggin’ works.

What more could any fanboy want?

As for the obviously used device you see at the top of this post –
it’ll obviously be needed a new screen (glass replacement only, the
digitizer [thing which recognises touch input] and actual LCD are
fine), and possibly a new battery as well. Hopefully these two things
won’t cost me more than about $100-$150 or so – I’m also unsure I have
the skills to repair both those things myself, so if you know any
place that does that sorta thing, shout out in comments!

After that, well, I guess it’ll serve as a nice prelude to the
impending iPhone 4 of doom.
I’ll definitely be selling my iPhone 3G after I obtain an iPhone 4 –
no real need to have three iPhones now, is there? 😉

Oh, and for those asking – it’s the 8GB version.

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