Stuck a random 6 digit number into Wolfram Alpha to see if it was a prime number; it was.

Chances of sticking a random 6 digit number into Wolfram Alpha (on a
whim*, mind you), and having it turn out to be a prime number?

Well, I’m not sure if my maths is correct, but there’s 68 906 6-digit
prime numbers. Divide that by the total number of 6-digit numbers,
(which is, I believe, 1000000-100000), and you get something like
7.6562% chance.

Not bad, eh?

* somewhat related, there’s a Fallout 3 quest that requires you to
either calculate prime numbers, or read the walkthrough. I know Google
Calc can do something similar, but I punched “prime x” (where x is a
number) into Wolfram Alpha, and lo and behold, it told me that number
was a prime. Later that night, I decided to punch a random 6 digit
prime number in – and voilá, you get the screenshot above.

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