Trying to do an in-app-purchase with an account that didn’t buy the app? Failure.

Panelfly is a bloody awesome comic reader for the iPhone, but the
thing is, it’s only available in the US iTunes store. No worries
there, every iPhone user worth their salt has a US iTunes account
anyway, and since Panelfly is a free app, no problems, right?


Since Panelfly primarily works off the in-app-purchase methodology
(there are a whole lot of free comics available, though), you need an
iTunes store account with credit in it to be able to purchase stuff.
Only catch is, that account needs to be the one that actually
purchased Panelfly in the first place… See my dilemma?

I’ve since managed to stick a small amount of credit in my US iTunes
account – for those apps that don’t seem to be available here, like
Panelfly, the Marvel comics app, and some other US-centric apps as

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