Came back from Malaysia to a few games. Well, seven.

From top to bottom:

Dead Rising. Having just completed the sequel to this fairly recently
on PC, I was kinda interested to see how the original played. Sadly
it’s a 360 exclusive so I couldn’t buy it on PC, but hey, that’s what
I have a 360 for.

Grand Theft Auto IV Complete. It’s GTA IV, enough said. Plus it also
includes Episodes from Liberty City (The Ballad of Gay Tony and The
Lost and the Damned).

Halo 3. Another obvious one, 360 exclusive.

Guitar Hero 5. Ah yes, the good ol’ Guitar Hero series. They’ve only
just killed it off, but that doesn’t mean that the existing games
aren’t worth playing. I’m missing some of the earlier GH games and
GH6, but I’ve built a decent collection already.

Red Dead Redemption. Yahtzee awarded this with number two in his top
five games of 2010, so that pretty much made it a must-buy straight
ofd the bat. Just before I left for Malaysia there was actually a sale
on Xbox Live for all Rockstar stuff, and RDR DLC was 50% off. I wasn’t
sure if you could buy DLC without owning the game, but it turns out
you can; the Undead Nightmare Collection Pack was mine.

Halo Reach. Truth be told I was never sure how well first-person
shooters would work on a console, I’m surprised to say they work
pretty well. I had actually finished Reach before owning the actual
game thanks to a lending of the game from a friend, but I wanted to
own it anyway because it was actually that good.

Halo 3: ODST. Last game on the list is another Halo game. Surprise!

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