What the hell is your problem, Benny?

Alternate title: Semester Break 2011 Wrap-up

What have I been up to all holidays?

Not much, really.

I’ve played games. In the holidays I spent quite a bit of time on Bad Company 2, finally getting to level 50 in the multiplayer stakes (I also uploaded a video of some mostly-scoped heli takedowns, if you haven’t already seen it). I had a go at some Fallout, and in the past few days there has been a bit of a Killing Floor revival, but nothing too intense (that’s probably a lie, I distinctly remember getting up at 9am to play a few rounds of Bad Company 2 before brunch). Somewhat disappointingly, I haven’t had any motivation to play Pokémon at all. That will change once the uni semester starts up once again, I’m sure.

At one stage I also thought about applying to Rock Paper Shotgun — they’re currently looking for new writers to join the fold, and I thought I had a chance at being a world-renowned writer someday. As it turns out, I haven’t quite managed to get that far — all I need to do is update my resume and submit it along with my already-written 500 word piece on gaming penned exclusively for RPS, but like I said, that hasn’t happened just yet. Applications are open until the 14th of July, but I doubt I’ll get around to it.

I installed a new operating system on my Mac! It’s not quite officially released yet either, but the gold master build was released to developers about a week ago. It’s nice so far; there are lots of little but appreicated changes here and there, and it’s a nice change.

As for purchases: I purchased an SSD to put in my Mac, moving my normal HDD to the optical bay and replacing it with the SSD. Easily the single most expensive computer part I’ve ever bought, but worth it. 30 second boot times can’t be wrong. Sure I can’t watch a DVD anymore, but it’s been so long since I’ve done so that I probably won’t be missing that feature all that much anyway.
I managed to purchase a new Nerf gun, a clear Vulcan. It completes my collection of all the “mainstream” Nerf weapons.
I also purchased a new NAS, a HP MicroServer N36L. The plan is to put the 2x2TB drives from my PC (which currently does network attached storage duties) into it, perhaps up the RAM a little, and add some more drives down the track. It hasn’t arrived yet.

So, what the hell is my problem? My Uni results weren’t fantastic. They were as I expected, but not fantastic. Sometimes it’s like I’m not enthusiastic about what I’m doing at Uni, sometimes it’s — oh, my YouTube video has finished uploading. Watch, comment.

Until next time…