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Pokémon, Part IV: The Hardware

I feel as if there needs to be something written about the hardware that I’m using to play Pokémon. Not because it’s strictly that important, per se, but because it seems appropriate considering the circumstances (I’m a pretty huge geek about this stuff).

I’m using a Nintendo DS Lite. When I first started thinking about which console I was going to acquire I (naturally) looked up the appropriate Wikipedia page. Suffice to say I was spoiled for choice but eventually settled on the Lite — the original was no longer available (besides, I already had one of those before I sold it a couple of years back). The DSi looked impressive — hardware improvements all around, but the lack of a GameBoy Advance slot was a pretty big down side. Plus, the DS Lite also had the best battery life of all the DS models, including the XL and the current 3DS. No region lockout of games, and an older model (which meant a cheaper price) sealed the deal.

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