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New theme, huh? Looks like [redacted].

So… Hopefully you’ve noticed the new theme by now.

If you haven’t, I have no idea what you’re doing here at this very second. You do realise that you’re on the internet, yeah? :S

I hated the old theme for a number of reasons –

  1. Horribly commented code.
    One of my pet peeves has to be programmers (web or otherwise) who don’t follow good programming practices. In Satiorii’s case, it wasn’t just lack of comments – just a lack of readability in general. Ugh.
  2. Sidebars at the BOTTOM of the page.
    Uh, hello? Sidebars at the BOTTOM of the page? That’s just not cool – it might have been had you included links to jump down quickly, but in any case, sidebar widgets looked like they had been hacked together, and ugly as hell – misalignment, horrible formatting, etc.. 🙁
  3. No search.
    See 2. Because search was so horrible, it wasn’t even worth using.

The previous theme – you could clearly tell it wasn’t designed to be modified. Plus it didn’t seem to be made by someone who understood how wordpress works – at least, not in the traditional blogging sense.

However, it wasn’t all bad – I chose to look past it’s shortcomings to focus on the good, because that’s the kind of guy I am. 😀

I did like elements of it, otherwise it wouldn’t have stayed as long as it did – particularly the awesome header links that showed off my pages:

They’re quite nice – I love it how it placed those things front and centre, exactly where they should be.

Another thing I quite liked was the awesome typography of the blog name and sub-heading – under OSX, it just looked awesome. However, under Windows it was a different story – it seemed to be borked for most people anyway (or maybe just Chris). Maybe it’s how the two OSs render fonts, or how the anti-aliasing was waaaaay nicer on OSX, or something.

Anyway, I hope you like the new theme. It’s (the somewhat popular) Grid Focus, by Derek of 5thirtyone.com – if you have a chance, head over to that site to check out more themes. I’m even thinking of using The Unstandard theme for the Radi8 website… Oops, probably shouldn’t have leaked that 😉

Awesome. Stopmotion. Music.

I’ve taken my hyperactive editing style a step further! Hope you’ll enjoy it!

via YouTube – Amateur – Lasse Gjertsen.

There’s a comment on the page where a commenter says:

Doooodddd. MAKE AN ALBUM.

…and really, that’s seconded.

If you’re interested, download the MP3 of the audio here – thanks to Lassegg for making this available!

This is my new ringtone. I kid you not, IT’S THAT AWESOME.

Normalware.com – Bebot

Bebot: part synthesizer, part animated robot.

Touching the screen causes the robot to move and make sounds controlled by your movements. Play it like a musical instrument, or just have fun watching the robot and making noises with your fingers.

Features 4-voice multitouch polyphony, multiple synthesis modes, user-definable presets and scales, tweakable sound parameters and effects.

via Normalware.com – Bebot.

Impressive, no?

I have no idea where it came from, though – if you’re the original author, shout out.

Transparent Mac SE/30

Transparent SE/30

How do you make sure all the parts fit correctly in a new design? You test “shoot” the mold with clear plastic before the mold is textured.

At Apple, some of these test shots were built until finished and given to key team members as awards for a job well done.

You may still buy a nice poster.

After much research I have learned that no more than 10 of these clear Macs were ever built.

via Transparent Mac SE/30 – Boing Boing Gadgets.

Awesome. I like it – in my opinion, more things should be transparent. Us geeks like knowing what’s inside the box, you know?